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Dicalcium Phosphate, Animal Feed Grade


Dicalcium Phosphate / Animal Feed Grade

Calcium and Phosphorous are two very essential minerals for a HEALTHY BODY. There is an ever increasing demand for Calcium Phosphates due to the awareness of its benefits. Medical professionals and Health conscious consumers understand its nutritional value, with the major role it plays in maintaining healthy bones and fighting osteoporosis. Recently research in the US appears to have shown that calcium may not be the only factor when it comes to healthy bones – in fact, it is much more effective when used with another nutrient, phosphorous. As phosphates makes up more than half the mass of bone minerals, researchers say that diet should contain appropriate quantities of phosphorus if bones are to be built or rebuilt.

    • Di Calcium Phosphate Feed Grade

PERFECT Feeds & Chemicals Specification of Dicalcium Phosphate / Animal Feed Grade
Tests Standards
  Description   Crystalline, free flowing tasteless powder
  Odor   Odoless
  Moisture   5 % (max)
  Calcium   23 % (min)
  Phosphorus   18 % (min)
  Flourine   0.1 % (max)
  Silica (Acid insoluble ash)   1.00 % (max)

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